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Chicken House Fumigation Delaware and Maryland
NOTE: The eggs and meat are not harmed directly by bed bugs. However, there can be indirect harm such as anemia from blood loss.

Why fumigate chicken houses for bed bugs?

  • Fumigation is proven to be 100% effective against all stages of bed bug life in a single application.
  • There is no resistance of bed bugs to the fumigant, unlike the resistance they now have to many commonly applied pesticides.
  • The fumigant penetrates into cracks and crevices, any other hiding places, even into machinery to eliminate the pests.
  • The fumigant completely dissipates to leave no surface residue, odor or film behind.
  • Clutter is not a concern with a treatment.
  • There is no need to clean the fumigant off anything after treatment. Just clean out dead bed bugs.

Protecting your workers, chickens and profits

  • Bed bugs are increasingly showing up in poultry houses, especially broiler breeder houses.
  • Heavy infestations of bed bugs in chicken houses may lead to excessive feather loss, cloacal irritation, lesions on the breast and legs, and even anemia.
  • Production may be decreased, feed consumption may increase, and egg spots from bed bug fecal deposits may be observed, potentially diminishing the value of the eggs and the profitability of the chickens.
  • Many areas of the broiler breeder facility may serve as shelter and hiding places for bed bugs: cracks and crevices, corners, and nest boxes. Feeders and waterers made of wooden slats provide excellent shelter for bed bugs. Also, the corners of galvanized metal nest boxes and cardboard boxes used to transport eggs are typical sites for bed bugs.
  • Spraying alone won’t get to all bed bug hiding places. Fumigation will get there and be effective.
  • Bed bugs are hitch-hikers. Make sure you or your workers don’t transport boxes, bags, purses, bottles, or other items from an infested house to a non-infested house. This may require changing clothes and shoes each time after working in infested areas.Treat all houses at the same time.
  • Helps prevent you/workers from bringing bedbugs home.


RPS/Royal Pest Solutions is trusted for quality, safety and service.
RPS/Royal Pest Solutions is trusted for quality, safety and service. Since 1976, RPS has offered expert food safety pest management skills and techniques to customers nationwide – pest exclusion, pest management and multiple fumigation techniques and options.

The CHALLENGE of Chickens houses with Bed Bug Infestations:

  • Breeder Farm infested with bed bugs
  • Found the problem has been around for 14 years
  • Owner’s home infested with bed bugs attacking family
  • Facility was two buildings; U-shaped; 150 feet each side
  • Chicken turnover was five days vacant

OUR SOLUTION to Fumigating chickens houses:

  • Arrive at facility day of chickens moving
  • Position equipment as chickens were being transported
  • Cover and seal all buildings as soon as they were empty
  • Placed indicator bugs in locations throughout facility
  • Fumigated four hours. Aerated four hours overnight
  • Tested building fume levels. Inspected building and indicator pests for kill confirmation.
  • Cleared building for new arrivals withing 48 hours.

What we do:

  • Fumigate raw and processed commodities in all types of facilities, rail cars, and vehicles domestically, and for import/export purposes.
  • Fumigate all types of forestry products for import/export purposes i.e. logs, wood chips, pallets, misc. cargo.
  • Fumigate all types of fruit domestically, and import/export purposes.
  • Turnkey operations i.e. partner with bonded warehouse’s for storage/trans loading, coordinate trucking one-way.
  • Arrange and communicate with local, state agencies, USDA, CBP, and freight forwarders.
  • Provided all needed documentation for local, state, foreign countries.

Why use Royal Fumigation:

  • Regional service with global solutions
  • Over 30 years of experience in solving import/export issues
  • Continuous improvements on efficiencies that allow customers to improve their margins
  • Over 30 years of experience performing quarantine fumigations
  • Capability to perform quarantine fumigations at most ports throughout the US
  • Ability to provide volume discounts at one or multiple sites throughout the US
  • RPS uses the most up-to-date technology
  • Well established working relationships with local and state regulators, USDA, CBP & freight forwarders throughout the country
  • RPS fumigators are fully licensed in their respective states of operation
  • RPS has an impeccable safety record
  • RPS has well established partners operating at ports throughout the country that can assist with many needs of customers i.e.: Trans loading, rail service, drayage etc…