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FPA leads the milling industry with the latest technology and methodologies.

With our experience and expertise- we continue to reduce the need for General Fumigations by the use of effective observation, fogging, and systems fumigations.


Milling run time and scheduling are constantly being challenged to run more and more.  RPS services allow for thorough insight of pest pressures and prescriptions for remedies.  We can work with you to understand what treatment works best with your schedule for an efficient treatment.

So often the biology of the pest should be the the focus when choosing how to treat the facility but the convenience of schedule and operation is where the determining factor lies when treating.  The realities of the pest are static and decisions based on your convenience are opportunities of the pest.  Our job is to communicate these dynamics to you for more effective decision making.

PreHeating, Fogging, and Spot Treatment programs are the next great tool of Milling operations.  This is a process RPS has perfected over the years and we are the best at this delicate balance of time, chemicals, and preparation.

One way that we can communicate this to you is through our tools and experience.  These allow us to better understand pest pressures and activities at all times.  With this information, we can manipulate our program to best suite each application.

Treatment Options

  • Pheromone Monitoring

  • Food Safety InspectionsFumigations

  • Fogging Programs

  • Alternatives

Infrared Cameras

Infrared Camera allows us to :

  • Inspect deeper into a structure than what the naked eye can see

  • Pest Vulnerability Assessment

milling-infraredInfrared Example

An example of the Infrared Tool in action, picture of the building and then what the Infrared Tool shows in regards to where there is a leak in the building structure.  
Information like this helps when sealing up for an effective fumigation or Corrective Action for maintenance.

What we do:

  • Fumigate raw and processed commodities in all types of facilities, rail cars, and vehicles domestically, and for import/export purposes.
  • Fumigate all types of forestry products for import/export purposes i.e. logs, wood chips, pallets, misc. cargo.
  • Fumigate all types of fruit domestically, and import/export purposes.
  • Turnkey operations i.e. partner with bonded warehouse’s for storage/trans loading, coordinate trucking one-way.
  • Arrange and communicate with local, state agencies, USDA, CBP, and freight forwarders.
  • Provided all needed documentation for local, state, foreign countries.

Why use Royal Fumigation:

  • Regional service with global solutions
  • Over 30 years of experience in solving import/export issues
  • Continuous improvements on efficiencies that allow customers to improve their margins
  • Over 30 years of experience performing quarantine fumigations
  • Capability to perform quarantine fumigations at most ports throughout the US
  • Ability to provide volume discounts at one or multiple sites throughout the US
  • RPS uses the most up-to-date technology
  • Well established working relationships with local and state regulators, USDA, CBP & freight forwarders throughout the country
  • RPS fumigators are fully licensed in their respective states of operation
  • RPS has an impeccable safety record
  • RPS has well established partners operating at ports throughout the country that can assist with many needs of customers i.e.: Trans loading, rail service, drayage etc…