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storage of bulk pet food safety
Denying access to stored product pests entering your premises should be the first line of defense.

Facilities that process, store, or sell Pet Food and dried goods are at risk for infestation by stored product insects. These pet food pests can rapidly move throughout a facility. Consequently, they attack dried, stored pet food in grocery stores, warehouses, and processing facilities, creating a hazard to Pet Food Safety.

To combat stored product insects, RPS has developed in-depth protocols for a wide range of environments. Beginning with a complete environmental analysis, our experts will create a customized program to address your facility’s specific concerns. Also, and importantly, educating your staff on measures to help deter future stored product insect issues.

Stored product pests often live within food for human consumption. In order to control insects within pet food, the infected pet food must be removed or destroyed. Most Important, it must be done in such a manner that it will not disperse the pest infestation. Most of all the pet food should be treated in a way that presents no hazards in its end use.

Noteworthy, we have the USDA Regulations as Guidance for safe storage of pet feeds.

Effective Control Using Approved Pesticides for Pet Food Safety

  • Dusting – certain dusts can be used with pesticide properties. Some of these are mechanical in nature, which erode the cuticles of the insect causing desiccation.
  • Precision Spraying – Targeted spot crack and crevice treatments can be useful to arrest localized stored product pest occurrence in a structural environment. The success is dependent on adequate access and cleaning of loose or impacted residues. Only approved materials can be used with deference to achieve Pet Food Safety.

    Clean Pet Food is Safe Pet Food
    Clean Pet Food is Safe Pet Food
  • Space sprayers – space treatment of a processing or storage environment with ultra low volume. Finely atomised droplets containing approved pesticides can be useful for containing and preventing cross infestation. Thermal or cold foggers (2-30 micron droplets) or in some cases misters (20-80 micron droplets) can also be used to dispense aerosols of approved pesticide.
  • Exterior infestations – Where exterior infestations have been identified, it may be necessary to apply an approved insecticide treatment to insect activity sites outside buildings and storage facilities. Because treatment of observed infestation with residual insecticide, can reduce stored product pests.
  • Fumigation – this the use of gaseous substances (fumigants) that are toxic to, and kill all life stages, of stored product pests in raw material or product. Furthermore, Fumigation must be done in gas proof enclosures to contain the gas for long enough to achieve mortality.
  • Controlled atmosphere – In some situations where a fumigant (gaseous substance) cannot be used infested raw material can be placed in large heat ovens.  All stages of all insects are killed by heating the material to 140°F for 30 minutes.


What we do:

  • Fumigate raw and processed commodities in all types of facilities, rail cars, and vehicles domestically, and for import/export purposes.
  • Fumigate all types of forestry products for import/export purposes i.e. logs, wood chips, pallets, misc. cargo.
  • Fumigate all types of fruit domestically, and import/export purposes.
  • Turnkey operations i.e. partner with bonded warehouse’s for storage/trans loading, coordinate trucking one-way.
  • Arrange and communicate with local, state agencies, USDA, CBP, and freight forwarders.
  • Provided all needed documentation for local, state, foreign countries.

Why use Royal Fumigation:

  • Regional service with global solutions
  • Over 30 years of experience in solving import/export issues
  • Continuous improvements on efficiencies that allow customers to improve their margins
  • Over 30 years of experience performing quarantine fumigations
  • Capability to perform quarantine fumigations at most ports throughout the US
  • Ability to provide volume discounts at one or multiple sites throughout the US
  • RPS uses the most up-to-date technology
  • Well established working relationships with local and state regulators, USDA, CBP & freight forwarders throughout the country
  • RPS fumigators are fully licensed in their respective states of operation
  • RPS has an impeccable safety record
  • RPS has well established partners operating at ports throughout the country that can assist with many needs of customers i.e.: Trans loading, rail service, drayage etc…