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Tobacco plants ready for fumigationRPS / Royal Fumigation‘s efficient and effective phosphine fumigation of tobacco is designed to eliminate the risk of infestation by the cigarette beetle and tobacco moth. Our patented process allows for the optimum pest-kill rate with the minimum emission of any pest-control agent into the atmosphere, the health and safety aspects of the procedure being of major importance.  From the moment the proper amount of fumigant is introduced into the structure, environmental conditions are maintained and monitored.

Royal Fumigation has the capability to fumigate tobacco in warehouses, containers, at our site or yours.

We employ two proprietary systems:

  • FLEXIBLE; MOVABLE: enables us to create a fumigation chamber
    quickly in almost any space;
  • STATIONARY; HANGING: accomplishes large-scale fumigations of large volumes at one time.

Royal Fumigation has the expertise in tobacco for export, import and interstate transport as per the international buyers requirements. We have an extensive history of working with the USDA, state and local regulators to provide our customers efficient and timely fumigation services that meet all requirements, from local to international.

Fumigation Process

Royal Fumigation has achieved excellent success using phosphine. The use of phosphine in the form of tablets, fumicels and/or pre-pac ropes, and gas is accepted worldwide. However, to reduce the risks of fire caused by phosphine in tablet form, Royal dedication to safety incorporates new technology for the fumigation of raw and processed commodities including grains, tobacco, cocoa beans, nuts seeds, animal feeds, tea, coffee leaf, wheat flour, processed spices, dried fruits

  • Royal Fumigation uses a revolutionary fumigation application technology that safely and effectively blends pure cylinderized phosphine (Vaporph3os™ – Cytec Industries, Inc.), directly with air to safe and effective levels of phosphine gas (10,000 ppm), well below the lower flammability limit (LFL) of 18,000 ppm.
  • Royal has an alliance with NORDIKO, who has the capabilities of introducing, retrieving and scrubbing the fumigation process
  • Royal Fumigation partner with manufacturers to develop protocols for new applications, such as phosphine generators for large scale fumigations and new uses for sulfuryl fluoride.

Royal Fumigation also performs structural fumigations of storage facilities such as silos, warehouses, flour mills, containers, railcars etc.

What we do:

  • Fumigate raw and processed commodities in all types of facilities, rail cars, and vehicles domestically, and for import/export purposes.
  • Fumigate all types of forestry products for import/export purposes i.e. logs, wood chips, pallets, misc. cargo.
  • Fumigate all types of fruit domestically, and import/export purposes.
  • Turnkey operations i.e. partner with bonded warehouse’s for storage/trans loading, coordinate trucking one-way.
  • Arrange and communicate with local, state agencies, USDA, CBP, and freight forwarders.
  • Provided all needed documentation for local, state, foreign countries.

Why use Royal Fumigation:

  • Regional service with global solutions
  • Over 30 years of experience in solving import/export issues
  • Continuous improvements on efficiencies that allow customers to improve their margins
  • Over 30 years of experience performing quarantine fumigations
  • Capability to perform quarantine fumigations at most ports throughout the US
  • Ability to provide volume discounts at one or multiple sites throughout the US
  • RPS uses the most up-to-date technology
  • Well established working relationships with local and state regulators, USDA, CBP & freight forwarders throughout the country
  • RPS fumigators are fully licensed in their respective states of operation
  • RPS has an impeccable safety record
  • RPS has well established partners operating at ports throughout the country that can assist with many needs of customers i.e.: Trans loading, rail service, drayage etc…